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Mixing chic and contemporary with a traditional Japanese menu,

Kimono will awake all your senses!

Learn more about sushi


If you never ate sushi before, but you wish to try it, it's perfectly normal to feel intimidated by unfamiliar cutlery, presentation and tradition. These instructions will help you enjoy your sushi adventure.


Japanese kitchen has become more familiar and close in recent years to people across the Globe. Now, for the first time in Bosnia you can enjoy the full heap of japanese dishes, prepared in tradiotional way.


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Gyoze Ravioli
gyoze ravioli, shrimp, onions, bok choy cabbage, dressing
Fish Wok
salmon, tuna, shrimp, surimi crab, seasonal vegetables, rice ili noodles
Udon Teriyaki
udon noodles, veal cutlets, mushrooms, green onions, teriyaki sauce
Stone Grilled Steak
steak, grill vegetables, baked potatoes, three kinds of sauce
Stome Grilled Tuna
tuna, grill vegetables, baked potatoes, three kinds of sauce
Ramen Chicken
chicken fillet, crab, egg, carrot, leek, noodles